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Social Security Theft

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Social security

I am a simple mechanic, not a lawyer or even a college graduate, a ridge runner from Kentucky. I do not have a computer at home, can’t afford one, nor do I own a “Smart phone”. I have a simple AT&T phone for calls and a Five dollar Smith Corona Typewriter, they both serve me well.

Your retirement is no longer secure. Your funds have been greatly reduced by the federal government without you authorization.

how long do you plan on living after you retire?

Our Goverment is taking approximately $500 Billion a year out of social security leaving %10 to run the program.

Sick children are born to live, not to be hid in agony. 
Veterans fought for out freedom, yet live in poverty and pain.

2018 is the first year Social Security has had to pull from its reserve account to meet its financial obligations.


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